Henan Depu Steel Co., LTD

Henan Depu Steel Co., LTD
Company introduction

Supply Chinese Steel
To International market

Our company specializes in supplying steel plates made in China, mainly engaged in ASME SA516Gr70, SA387Gr11Cl2, SA387Gr22Cl2, S355JR,P355GH and so on

Focus on special varieties of steel, standing stock of more than 23,000 tons, to meet the technical requirements of different customers.

Warehouse equipped with advanced CNC cutting machine, according to customer requirements according to the drawing programming CNC cutting.

Complete logistics distribution and steel plate after-sales tracking system to solve customer after-sales related problems.

23Year of Success
Steel plate supply for 25 years,focus on creating a competitive wide and thick plate supply enterprises
Henan Depu Steel Co., LTD


1:Strict quality control

Since its establishment, Depu has strictly controlled the quality, and each steel plate supplied by our company has a separate number traceability and corresponding material book

2:Complete brand

Our self-built warehouse, standing inventory of more than 23,000 tons, brand types of more than 180 kinds, to meet the needs of different customers different brands

3:Process specification

From customer inquiry to product transportation and delivery, each order will have specialized personnel to contact customers and update the status of the goods in a timely manner

4:Perfect after-sales service

The company is equipped with 15 specialized after-sales personnel to solve after-sales problems and other related consultations for customers


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Henan Depu Steel Co., LTD

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